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I love this page keep it up.

16 Dec 05 Aba Togo

From Chelsea Dawn

Hey! This is a pretty cool website! I'd love to come to Saint John and see your shop.  Keep up the good work. ;) Chelsea Dawn

16 Dec 05 Canada

From Monzer

15 Dec 05 Kos

From Carolanita

Well I have a ton of hair, and have worn it every way there is. cute site......thanks had a nice visit.........

08 Dec 05 phx az

From Therese

05 Dec 06 USA

From Narges

Esfahan, Iran 30 Nov 05

From Maria Ghaemshahr

29 Nov 05 Iran

From Miles Lee

Pretty cool, ehh!

23 Nov 05 Vancouver, Canada

From Vicki St Clair

I think your website is terrific....I made a copy to share w/ my hairdresser. What a joy to read up on the history of different instruments used on the hair. I love some of the past hair designs, the 20's being my favorite! Thanks to you and your students for a well done effort.

20 Nov 05 Wichita, KS

From Breanna

I need to know how to get a "bee hive" hair style/cut my mom has no idea how but I WANT ONE... Can any one send me pictures and/or directions.  Please my e-mail is

20 Nov 05

From Ingrid O'Connor

We use your vintage pictures for the setting projects that we give to students (of course giving credit to you) each year as good visual aids.

16 Nov 05 Canterbury Hairdressing College, England

From Brady

WOW! I am running for a drag pageant in January of 06' and needed a seventies updo style for my gown and I found this site to be SO helpful... Thanks so much.  Miss Trina Tabloid

16 Nov 05 Omaha, NE

From Laramie

I just noticed the weather forecast from Kalamazoo, MI, which was where I am from, and I got excited! Fun website!

10 Nov 2005 Superior, Wi

Hey there fellow K'zooan!

From Christina

This is such a great site! lots of how-tos and pictures. keep up the good work!

08 Nov 05

From Katie and Tiff dont b nosey

luvin ya site its wel ace.cya soon hun xxxxx

07 Nov 05 bolton

From Sarah

I am a 22 yr old student, who came across this site, in hope of finding a new hairstyle. What I found was more than I had expected. I printed of some pictures I found rather beautiful to use in my art work. I just wanted to say thanks for making such a GREAT site!

06 Nov 05 USA

From Camelia Ttugearu

You are the best. Thank you.

06 Nov 05 Romania


i love this page keep it up.

01 Nov 05 ANGOLA

From Elke Ranson

Wow!  Really great site, never thought I would find so much about retro. Well done! Greatings

31 Oct 05 Antwerp, Belgium

From Christina

WOW! this is such a great site! i have always wanted a hairstyle from the 40's! i has definitely born during the wrong time period. keep up the good work!

29 Oct 05

From Amy

i LOVE this site.. got lots of info in it..

keep it up :)

28 Oct 05

From Maryann Shockley

Your web site is fabulous. I'm looking for a great picture of a Gibson Girl hair-do. One that's a little more modern.  It has the hair brushed up in the back and sides, and has a bunch of combed curls on the top. any ideas where to look.  Thank You

28 Oct 05 San Diego, CA

From Marie

Absolutely loved your site!  Especially the bit about the Victorian hair and the bob!  Lovely!

20 October 05 Copenhagen, Denmark

From Linda Bartlett

I have had great fun researching for our 1950's day at the where I teach.  We are a large senior school of 1800 students ranging from 11 years old to 18.  This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

18 Oct 05United kingdom

From A Crowley

Nice site !!!

18 Oct 05USA



16 Oct 05 South Africa

From Laurel Finucane

Just looking for another hairstyle for a event that i have to go to on friday.

12 Oct 05Waterbury,VT

From Ashley


12 Oct 05

From Janet

My son is in a high school play, "1940's Radio Hour" at the end of October (2005) and we need to find out what men's hairstyles were in the 40's. Your site looked so promising, and came up on the google search, but I can't find any pictures of men's hairstyles of the 1940's.

Can anyone help me????  Thanks

10 Oct 05 Roscoe, IL

From Azam

10 Oct 05 Iran

From Debra

What wonderful examples of past hairstyles. I searched several websites for a good photograph of a classic bouffant. Not only do you offer a good variety but you even have hair setting instructions!

Thank you! My halloween costume will be historically accurate.

08 Oct 05 Fresno, CA

From Chanine

I'm looking for those really great rockabilly ponytail hair styles with all the swirls up front and curls in the back...anyone know a good sight with pictures and instructions?! Let me know!  Thanks

28 Sept 05Santa Cruz, CA

From Zahra


28 Sept 05 Tehran, Iran

From Alix


26 Sept 05 Cedar City, Utah

From Sara

Iran, Esf  17 Sept 05

From Candace

Everything old will be new again and this is a great way to stay ahead of the trends!

13 Sept 05 Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

From Emuru

Great site! I got such a kick out of reminiscing about how we all used to wear our hair. You have recalled for me some good ideas I'd forgotten all about- although I must say that some of these old styles look hilarious by today's standards! *Grin* Still can't keep the smile off my face- thank you!

13 Sept 05 Rochester, NY

From Andrea Kanfield

What a great site ... I enjoyed it to an utmost I am returning to beauty school soon and found your site to be some place I will return to in the future. As well I plan to share with others.  So much information and interesting!

10 Sept 05 Toledo, USA

From Abi

I love the "she was so blond that" part!  It's awesome! (so is the rest of the site!!! :) ) Keep Up the GREAT work!

03 Sept 05 pgh USA

From Stephen Lightell

Hi just searching for a place that will tell me when shampoo was invented as we know it today. Based on a video, "the 1900 house" it was said that shampoo was invented 50 years later. that would mean it was invented in 1950 ( or later.) just wish to confirm this but can't find the site.

03 Sept 05 Hemet, CA USA

From Sandra Maldonado

Whats up i am currently a student in a cosmetology program at gateway tech. i heard of this sit from one of my instructers and this has realy helped me out with ideas and with home work it is nice to know you have this site and i realy like it.

02 Sept 05 Racine, USA

From Hidi

Looking for pompadour.

06 August 05 Sanford

From Mina_mahdavi

25 July 05 Rasht, Iran

From Sanek

Fantastic site !!!

18 July 05 Las Vegas

18 July 05

From Vicky

Cool cool cool

13 July 05, UK

From Carolyn Myers

I enjoyed this site very much.

12 June 05 Wichita, Ks

From Qenidalee

An Awesome website, think I've been in here for hours and surely will put on my favorites to come back.  I'm in Cosmetology School and it's nice to see some history of the past. Thanks

12 June 05 LV, NV

From Megan C

Fantastic site, will be back!!

26 May 05QLD, Australia

From Jeff McAllister

I just got a pompadour and have been scouring the internet in search of instructions on how to style it.  How about putting up some mens styles?

22 May 05 Portland, OR, USA

From Donna

21 May 05 Denton, TX

From Michelle Orr

As a true vintage style connoisseur I love this site, thank you.

20 May 05 Washington, DC

From Nicole

Your website is cool.  It has cool pictures.

13 May 05 Warner Robins,GA

From Little Bird

I love your site! I'm doing extensive research on hairstyles of the past century and this site has by far the best pics and info ---but it could probably use a little more from more recent eras like the eighties and nineties--keep up the great work!-lb

04 May 05

From Polina

Great site!

19 April 05 St. Louis, MO

From Katrina

24 March 2005 Springfield. MO

From Darlene

19 March 2005 Titusville, FL

From Heather

10 March 2005 Freetown, USA


I'm planning my own birthday party on March 25th-It's all about the 50's-only chic, nightclub 50's-not poodle skirts and bobbie socks. I need some hair style ideas for this time frame.

02 March 05 Burlington, Vermont

From Kuldinga

23 Feb 05 Lithuania

From Cheryl Tracy

Looks like a great site. Hope I can figure out how to get in!

23 Feb 05 Littleron, CO

From Donna

I really enjoyed looking at the Hair Archives.  I became a beautician in 1971.  In college now, I was looking up hairstyles from 1920's-2005 and came across your website...lucky me!  Fun to see all those hairstyles and show my classmates.

22 Feb 05 Mukilteo, USA

From Mary pinkpen03

Luvs it.

16 Feb 05 US

From Kathy

03 Feb 05 Canada

From BJ

This site is delightful. What fun. I was trying to find some 70's-80's layered curls but really enjoyed being taken back in time even further.

Thanks, BJ

29 Jan 05 Yelm, WA

From Eva Liptak

Gooooood. Bye.

26 Jan 05 SLOVAKIA

 From Tina LeClare

15 January 05 Clay

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