History of Cosmetology
From St. Mary's High School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A special thanks to Judieath Chantler, cosmetology instructor at St. Mary's High School, and her class for sharing their recent exhibit on the history of cosmetology.   Judieath used the Hair Archives as an instructional tool for putting together their historical display that was presented to their high school classmates and school administration.  An excerpt from Judieath's letter to me and pictures from the exhibit are shown below:

"...in the middle of this area we put up a history book on shoes and purses as well as a photo from the Alberta archives of history of a girl about seventeen dating back to the Klondike days with the hair done in ringlets (done in rag ringlets to be specific) and a beautiful lace hat.  Her costume looks as if it's from a stage play and the most interesting thing is we don't know who she was.  On the close right of that, we had a section for men.  My senior class this year was taught how to do a man's haircut and beard trim.  Very different than learning women's cutting styles.  At the beginning of the year we didn't even have male mannequins.  So this area was filled with photos and a picture that I painted last year,  (a watercolor  of "Jupiter and Juno") I painted it using an old master painters book.  I think I did a great job on the guy if I do say so myself!  The man has a big black beard and a "Fu Man Chu" mustache.  The small square pictures have a mustache style and the photo and painting then illustrate the mustache style.  Along side is information on gadgets and instructions given to men over the centuries on how to tend to their facial hair.  On the far right was the African section and the elaborate and beautiful styles taking sometimes many weeks to complete.

The other walls contained a section on History's Most Famous Blonde - Marilyn Monroe.  A section with photos of women with hair past their knees and one wall for Vidal Sassoon - who started the revolution of the inverted bob and the wedge as well as the asymmetrical cut.  Precision cutting I pray comes back into style.  Then we had a whole family wall where we had Moms and Grammas and Dads and Grampas showing all the pill box hats and fedoras.  For a class of just 14 girls we did a pretty darn good job.  Last but not least we had the students reproduce the styles  three each, and pick their best and put it together with the fella and set it up at their station with their names above their work.  

We spent Friday doing manicures and eating cake and having coffee and enjoying the results of our efforts - hope you enjoy the photos.  Sincerely Judieath Chantler, Cosmetology Teacher  - St. Mary's High School."

Thanks Judieath and thank you future cosmetologists!  Best wishes to all of you!!