Early 20th Century Hair Facts…

Early 20th Century
Hair Facts…

The Birth of Hairdressing – in the
United States, the first known school for hairdressing was established
in Chicago in 1890.



Bleaching and touch-ups in 1891
were done the same way as they are done today using peroxide of hydrogen and



The term “colorist” was
born in the late 1800s.




A  first class establishment
charged only five cents for cutting bangs.



T he two most influential devices
that drastically changed the grooming habits of women in the late 19th
century were the creation of the Marcel wave and the hot-blast hair
dryer known today as the blow dryer.



The first electric haircutter was
used in 1903.   It was a comb with a fine platinum wire
connected to the electric lighting system.  The wire was heated to
incandescence, and as the comb was run through the hair, the ends were
burnt off.



The permanent waving machine was
invented by Charles Nessler in the early 20th century.  A spiral
method of perming hair was first introduced in the United States in



Synthetic hair was invented in
1908 and was comprised of a cellulose base obtained from corded cotton,
corn and other grains.



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