Early 70s Hairstyle

Early 70s




Bangs and sides are backcombed and
then smoothed into an angle up from the face. Hair is
securely pinned.




the nape section into a “French-seam.”




The curls in the back are made by
first backcombing the base in high elevation and placing
a pin across the backcombing to secure the elevation.




hair is smoothed over the finger. The end is placed on
top of the base below. The curls are made from the bottom
of the head to the top for stacking.




center of the curl is pulled into a dangled position and
sprayed into placed.




gain more volume and height on top of the head, the hair
is backcombed and first pinned at the scalp. The
backcombing is repeated and now the pin is placed in a
stand-up position. Border curls are “braided”
into place. Ends are tucked under the base and pinned


by Charles Ross


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