Guest Book

Guest Book


From Linda Mitchell
[email protected]

24 February 07 Fort Worth

From Cornelia [email protected]

I really love this site!

16 Feb 07 Malmö, Sweden

From Julietta
[email protected]

This is am amazing website, as a stylist I can definitely
appreciate this

11 Oct 06 Calgary, CA

From Rob

[email protected]

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find 1940’s issues of
american hairdresser magazine or others like it from the 40’s? I
can’t seem to find many sources and would be interested in
internet or retail locations for purchase of these issues. thank
you so much.

10 Oct 06 Connecticut

From Mariska Straver
[email protected]

Hello, Verry great webpage!  I like it a lot and put it
right to my bookmarks :) I’ll be back soon…Good luck,
Sinserly Mariska

04 Oct 06 Holland

From Carla

This page is very good thanks for making it. This has helped
me discover more!!!!

02 October 2006 Cambridge

From Cindy

[email protected]

I’ve learned so much about the history of hair fashion. Your
site has been a huge inspiration for me and that is being passed
down to my customers. I always tell them to check out your site!
thanks!  Cindy

27 Sept 06 Las Vegas, NV USA

From Elizabeth
[email protected]

I am looking forward to going through your book of vintage
hairstyles. I own a vintage clothing store and find that the
right hairstyle for the outfit is very important. 1960’s
clothing is very much in style now, therefore 1960’s hairstyles
are important. I have worn a vidal sassoon bob for at least 20
years, I am unable to find a salon in Orange county that knows
how to do one. The one thing I find impossible to do for myself
is a haircut, especially a bob.

Thank you.  Eliza

23 Sept 06  Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

From Laura Wise
[email protected]

Cool website! Thanks!

12 Sept 06Birmingham, AL USA

From Angie Crowley
[email protected]

Great site !!

03 Sept 06 USA

[email protected]


28 August 06 BENIN

From Constance

Very nice site. It was really nice to see that all the little
old ladies that come into the shop that I work at are not losing
their minds. I didn’t know that there was an actual hairstyle
called the Gibson Girl!

22 August 06Atlantic City, NJ USA

I’m currently doing my training for my instructors license
and I’m putting together a timeline from 1800-present for my
students. I want them to see how hair has changed over the
years. This website has helped tremendously! This is the neatest
website I have ever looked at. I really appreciate what you have
done! Thank you so much.

17 August 2006 Cookeville, TN

From Fabio Gomes
[email protected]

I really think that ur website is amazing for research on
hair styles.


15 August 06 Barcelona

From Karen Kazinbx

Just stumbled upon your website… love it!

11 August 06 The Bronx

From Rosa

Great site!  Truly enjoyed the history of the bob

Thank you!

08 Aug 06 Atlanta

From Chris

Thanks for providing such a great site! Keep up the good
work. :o)

29 July 06 Liverpool, UK

From Norman
[email protected]

20 July 06 Kitwe, Zambia

From Cindi Etten
[email protected]

Checking out this site was sooo fun. I learned alot & had a
great time while doing it! Thank-you for creating it.

07 July 06 Portland, USA

From Grisette

[email protected],.uk

Wonderful, really enjoyed looking through the old styles.

20 June 06 Cambridge

 From Ashley Johnson

Thanks! Your pictures and styling directions helped me make
the perfect hairstyle I was looking for!

26 May 06 West Virginia

From Demi
[email protected]

Thanks for a blast to the past!

20 May 06 San Leandro usa

From WCrean
[email protected]


15 May 06 Liverpool

From Crystal

[email protected]

What an awesome site!!! It is so refreshing to see how things
were done back then and what techniques were used. Who knows,
they may come back!

02 May 06MD, USA

From Louise Sheffield, England

A Fantastic website. We are doing a play (amdram group) set
in 1950s and this is just spot on for inspiration.  I am so
glad I found this site!

25 April 06

From Chelsea

Thanks for info!

20 April 06 Jacksonville, NC

From Tasha Hansen
[email protected]

I though that this was really cool, it gave me some ideas
plus some history.

16 April 06 Torrington, Wyoming

From Hardy
[email protected]

Great Site !  It is a pleasure to see it. Thanks.

I also collected pictures with the hairstyles 70`th and 80`th
years on my homepage “Hardys Old Fashion Hair Salon”

12 April 06 Germany

From Kerry
[email protected]

Enjoyed this web site very much.

31 March 06 Winnipeg, Canada

From Cait

Very good website!! it helped alot with prom hair styles!!!!!

27 March 06 Michigan

From Sally
[email protected]

I’m am so excited that I found this website, for my wedding I
really wanted a vintage 60’s updo, and couldn’t find pictures
anywhere!! Now I found them, thank you!!

26 March 06 St. Paul, USA

From Wanda Rudack
[email protected]

I am a student and I was most intrigued with this web site
thank you for sharing.  Wanda

26 March 06chicago ill

From Rebecca

FAB site, I’m a hairdresser in the UK going to a 1920/30’s
event.  My family and friends are asking me to do their
hair (as if I know the hairstyles as I was born in the 70’s!!!)
Your site has given me so much info and help, great photo’s,
Can’t wait to get my comb out and get started.  Thank you
so very much.  Rebecca

20 March 2006 England

From Shannon
[email protected]

Just very curious about the hairstyles from long ago.

20 March 2006 Boulder, Boulder County

From Robin
[email protected]

Very cute site, I was searching for late 1960’s styles and
1970 styles. The only thing I could see that would make this
better was to date the photo’s you have. Thanks for your hard

16 March 06 Huntington, USA

From Peg
[email protected]

Wonderful site!  I have a few vintage hair instructions
on my site at :

in case you want to learn to do cornrows lol  Peg

12 March 06 Reno, NV

From Max Matheson
[email protected]

 Great site! Love the gallery of photos! Will recommend
it to all! Thanks!

09 March 06 Williamston, SC USA

From Rhianna Hightower
[email protected]

I am getting married the fall of 2006 and I am looking for
the perfect updo. It is amazing I finally found a site that
praises the old-world beauty. I would love to receive any
pictures or info ideas.

11 March 06 Livermore, US

From Karianne

[email protected]

What a great website!  I love the pictures and it’s very
interesting to dive in to the history of hair and trends;)

Oslo, Norway01 March 2006

From Jason

Thank you!

22 Feb 2006

From Ingrid

Thank you!

22 Feb 2006

From Warren Nesbitt
[email protected]

Thank you for your wonderful site

21 Feb 2006 Australia

From Caroline
[email protected]

Great site

19 Feb 06 Tallmadge, Ohio

From Michelle Trahan

[email protected]

I love this web site its great it has every thing I like want
and need 2 see it even helps with my school reports so thanks a
lot.  Love, Michelle Trahan

16 Feb 06 Sulphur, Louisiana

From Lou
[email protected]

I teach Cosmetology at a public high school.  I have
just discovered your website and we are having fun looking at
all the pictures and trivia. There are great ideas for
competition styles.

02 Feb 06 Houston, TX

From Anwen
[email protected]

03 Feb 06 UK

From Jen

[email protected]

I enjoyed every bit of this site! Being a hairdresser myself,
I have always been interested in the different generations of
hairstyles.  They’ve changed so much over the years! Thank
you for setting up such a great and fun page to look at & learn!

31 Jan 06Mtl.Canada

From Lara Kauffmann-Hoffer
[email protected]

This is wonderful.

29 Jan 06 Ypsilanti, USA

I just wanted to say, what a great site this is! It is great
looking, lots of great pictures, etc., and also very clean
looking, and easy to navigate! Way to go!  Jack

28 Jan 06

From Kate
[email protected]

I love the archive images, but I wish the setting directions
were more helpful.

21 Jan 06 Olympia, WA

From Leigh Mcgregor

This is a great wee site uve got here.  It helped me
alot with my coarse work ;) Thanx

19 Jan 06 Glasgow

Sera Hines
[email protected]

I really like all of the pictures you have of hairstyles that
no one really thinks about anymore. I was looking for a style
for our high school snow fest dance and just love the ides of it
being like one of the styles on your site!

10 Jan 06 Farwell, USA

From Lindi

Looking for hairstyles for a theater production.

Great site

05 Jan 06

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