the First Haircut

One of the big milestones in everyone’s
life is their first haircut.  A few
snips with the shears and the naïve child suddenly transforms into someone a
little older.

In the early 20th century, the first
haircut usually had a more profound affect on all parties involved than it does
today.  A hundred years ago, boys and
girls were often dressed similarly, and wore their hair similarly in long curls.
 So the first haircut for a young boy
was more than just a haircut…it was their first step towards boyhood. 
As depicted in some of these pictures, Mother’s would often dread the
big day…  

while Fathers welcomed the
transformation into boyhood.

And what about the child? 
For some, their trepidation gives
way to tears at the sight of the scissors, the long cape surrounding them, or
the tall chair they sit in…

while in others, they aren’t quite sure
what is happening to them.

Here’s an innovative
approach for controlling the squirming child!

In any event the passage was something
that was often written about in 19th century literature as this poem attests:

I placed my boy in the
barber’s chair,

To be shorn of his
ringlet’s gay;

And soon the wealth of
his golden hair

On the floor in a
circle lay

–Author unknown

Even as a child grows older, he may still
experience a little trepidation while sitting in the big barber’s chair…or is
this poor little guy just hoping to walk out with both ears?  

I don’t know if older brother decided
that he wanted little brother to look more like him or if he was just trying to
save Mom and Dad some money?  But sibling haircuts usually occur at least
once in every family. 

And of course kids will be kids….

So now when you take your little one in
on this momentous day be sure to reflect on the past.  Remember that
you are not alone and that little ones from generations long before you have all
survived the First Haircut.

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