Petal Coif from Modern Beauty Shop 1955

Paris Look       from Modern Beauty Shop, March 1966  


The Italian Boy Look

Setting Directions   THE HAIRCUT The bang, top section and sides are 31/2 to 4 inches. The crown is 5½ to 5 inches tapering down to a zero…

Early 60s Look! Hairstyles from Marinello-Comer Publication Setting Directions

French Twist-1957 by Miss Ingerid 1957  

Setting Directions for The Flip Hair length The bang 6 inches; the sides 4 inches; top 8 inches; crown 8 inches blending to 3 inches in the nape….

Setting Directions

The Flip by Marinello-Comer 1968 Setting Directions by Beauty Career Publishing Co. 1974 Setting Directions

Hair Loss Protection Status