Setting Directions for The Beehive

Setting Directions for The

Hair length
Front: Starting with 3 inches all around hairline at the face getting
longer toward the crown to approximately 6 inches. BACK: 3-1/2 inches at nape to 6 inches
at crown.

Top: For the bang, make a 2-inch side part. Part off a section from part
to receding and wind two large rollers down on an angle. These rollers are floated.
Directly behind the bang start circle of beehive by centering three large rollers. The
little piece of hair at the receding line between bang and centered rollers is wound on a
short roller.

Heavy Side: The hair is combed down from temple to ear and wound down on
two rollers-one floating on middle ear and the other floating from temple to eye line.

Parted Side: Wind one roller down from part and float at the receding
line. Comb hair down from temple toward ear to float two rollers.

Back: The beehive gets its height in the crown. Using four jumbo rollers
wind the crown in the opposite direction of the top. All hair beneath crown is combed in
the same direction as the crown. Start to wind angle partings toward parted side. When you
have finished, the row in the nape section may be wound on thinner rollers.

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