The Hair Archives…

Hair Archives…
a tribute to the beauty profession and the hairstyles of the 20th
century.  As a hairstylist fresh out of school, I
stumbled across a vintage hair styling magazine one day and became
hooked on the styles of the past.
I learned to appreciate the talent that went into creating
the styles that our parents and grandparents wore, and the
artistry of the finished looks.
Hair fashion in those days was so different than the styles that
everyone has become accustomed too today.
From that day on, I became an avid collector of hair
memorabilia including such things as beauty/barber shoppe
equipment, posters, hair sundries & toiletries, and
advertising pieces.  But my favorite collectible is my
library of hairstyling books and magazines dating back to the
1920s.  I have spent over 15 years collecting and preserving
this memorabilia for future generations. 
Hair Archives, formerly called the Beauty Shoppe Archives, was
created to share much of this memorabilia with you.
Over the last several years, I have shown numerous
hairstyles from the past including many famous looks such as —
the French twist, the beehive, flip, pageboy, pixie cut, poodle
cut, updos, braids, unisex styles, etc.  If you are new
to the website, you can still see many of these styles in the
Archives section of the website.  In
addition to showing you vintage hairstyles, you will see some
great hair/beauty advertisements from the past, pictures of old
salons, shop equipment, and just about anything else associated
with the beauty industry.  As
a new feature, I have recently introduced a little vintage shoppe
for those of you who also enjoy collecting and preserving hair memorabilia.  
I hope you enjoy this tribute and thanks for stopping in!



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