French Twist-1957 by Miss Ingerid 1957  

Setting Directions for The Flip Hair length The bang 6 inches; the sides 4 inches; top 8 inches; crown 8 inches blending to 3 inches in the nape….

Setting Directions

The Flip by Marinello-Comer 1968 Setting Directions by Beauty Career Publishing Co. 1974 Setting Directions

1970s Hairstyle  

Early 70s Hairstyle       Bangs and sides are backcombed and then smoothed into an angle up from the face. Hair is securely pinned.      …


Early 70s – Multiple Looks! These looks were all created on one length hair using the following set:   Set    

from Modern Beauty Shop April, 1964  

Setting Directions for The Beehive Hair length Front: Starting with 3 inches all around hairline at the face getting longer toward the crown to approximately 6 inches. BACK:… Protection Status