Setting Directions for The Flip

Setting Directions for
The Flip

Hair length

The bang 6 inches; the sides 4 inches; top
8 inches; crown 8 inches blending to 3 inches in the nape.


Part out a small amount of hair at the
hairline over the left eye and direct it to the center
forehead. Later this will be formed into a curl. Set
full-base rollers #1 and #2. Part out a very small amount of
hair in the left forehead (see dotted line) and include it
with half base roller #3. This action will insure a soft
sweeping bang effect without separations. Set triangular full
base rollers #4 and #5 which will produce a 10 o’clock
shaping effect in the comb-out. Rollers #6 and #7 are set in
the same direction. Set one counter clockwise, off base curl
and two half base clockwise curls in front of the right ear.
Rollers #8, #9 and #10 are full base for a neutral movement.
Radial motion, full base rollers #11 and #12 and a half base
roller #13 will produce a 2 o’clock shaping effect in
the comb-out. Finish with one clockwise off base curl.
Rollers #14, #15 and #16 are full base rollers for volume.
Form a shaping in back of rollers #12 and #13. Place three
counter clockwise curls in the shaping. Roller #17 is a full
base roller placement. Set half-base rollers #18, #19 and #20
for less volume. Rollers #21 through #25 are indentation
rollers and will establish the flip effect Set two off base
fill-in curls behind the ear toward the back of the head and
three full base fill-in curls at the nape.

Comb out

Brush and relax all of the hair into the
movement of the set. Begin cushioning in the crown for
volume. Blend the bang section into the crown area with the
same foundation technique. Interlock the crown and bang
section with the side. Surface brush the bang section toward
the right to blend with the volume movement on the right
side. Lightly brush the volume of the crown and the sides
into the indentation flip movement of the nape and sides.
Reinforce the flip by holding the hair down while backcombing
in an upward direction. Hold the indentation movement close
to the scalp while lifting the volume areas with a tail comb.
A bouncy flip with flair through the bang section and a saucy
up turned effect on each side demonstrate the simple casual
look for medium length hair.


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