Setting Directions

Setting Directions

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The bang, top section and sides are
31/2 to 4
inches. The crown is 5½ to 5 inches tapering down to a zero nape line.


Rollers #1, #2 and #3 are set from a “point of distribution”
over the left eye to produce a circular effect. Rollers #6, #7, and #8 are moving to the
right and toward the crown.  Starting high on each side, rollers #9, #10, #11, #14, #15 and #16 are set
in a slight circular movement down and forward.  Indentation rollers #4 and #5 on the
forehead and side rollers #12, #13, #17 and #18 will create the current soft curl effect
around the face.  Crown rollers #19 through #23 are volume base to create fullness in
this area.  The vertical placement of rollers #24, #25, and #26 will blend the
fullness of the crown with the closeness of the half base curls in the nape area.


Brush and relax the hair in accordance with the direction of the set.
First, establish the foundation with back-brushing in the crown.  Use the same
technique in the bang section.  Hold the side hair down and forward during the
back-brushing process.  Lightly surface brush to establish design.  Backcomb
individual sections for the open curl effect around the face.  Notice the volume
cascade effect throughout the crown.  Mold the nape hair in accordance with the
natural growth direction.  Tumbling curls and swirling tendrils fall forward onto the
face to create a provocative party-time hair fashion.


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